Monica Bellucci Movie "Un Eté Brulant:"

Monica Bellucci will be appearing in  the film by Philippe Garrel’s called Un Eté Brulant: which is due to be coming out in May.

Garrel, Marc Chodolenko and Caroline Deruas have Co-written Un Été Brûlant which  recites the agonies of a painter.  The painters actress wife has exited. It commences on a hot summertime nighttime, a sports auto barges in to the roadside. Preceding this Paul comes across  Frédéric by a common acquaintance. Frédéric exists in Italia with Angèle who is played by sexy Monica Bellucci who  he  loves. When acting as a film extra, Paul becomes mates with  Roland and he falls in love with hot Elisabeth who is another extra. Frédéric asks Paul and Elisabeth to stay at Rome. He displays Paul a photograph of the grandad who brought him up and, at dinner, acquaints Roland to Monica Bellucci playing Angèle, who looks afflicted by his front. Later, in a hotel sexy Bellucci playing Angèle sleeps with Roland and eventually Angèle goes away from  her man..

Elisabeth comes down expectant with Paul's baby. Frédéric looks for a split up. Paul and Elisabeth depart Rome. Elisabeth's child is born. When Paul comes across Frédéric by casual chance in Paris, he tells him that Angèle and Roland have got broken apart. The same evening, Paul is aroused by a telephone call: Frédéric has got in a atrocious accident and as he lies down his grandfather appears to Frédéric. Once Paul comes he entrusts that the smash was no chance event: without Angèle played by Bellucci, life is unendurable. Paul exits, and Frédéric deceases. 

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