Monica Bellucci Malena

Review of Monica Bellucci movie "Malena"

Italy enters the war in 1940 and young Renato sees the hot Monica Bellucci who stars as Malèna.
She is a sexy, silent outsider who has moved to a Sicilian town to be with her hubby. He quickly departs  for war, resulting in the lustful attention of the of men being upon her and the jealousy of the females. As the young Renato develops into a man, he observes Bellucci playing Malèna endure and prove her heart. He observes her desolation, then heartbreak when Nico is reported dead.

Monica Bellucci in Malena

Bellucci shines in this film where the men are full of dirty lustful thoughts and the women are envious of her.  Malena had a strong efffect on the townspeople in this movie.  The scene where Renato spies on the sexy Bellucci dancing with a picture is a classic.

A great Monica Bellucci video/film that is well worth watching.

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