Monica Bellucci in "Ne Te Retourne Pas"

"Ne Te Retourne Pas" translates to "Don't look back" and is a psychological drama about a photographer whose pictures paint another story to that of her perception.

Monica Bellucci stars as Jeanne (#2) who is a writer and family women begins to see changes in  her world that nobody else recognises.  Her family brushes aside these concerns as the result of the strain of needing to deliver her next book to the publisher but Jeanne actualises that something far more cryptical, far more distressing is going on. A picture at her mother's household directs her in search of a lady in Italy. Here, changed into another woman, RosaMaria, she will find out the unusual secret of her true identity.

Both Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau  perform splendidly in  this movie which was made by writer/director Marina de Van.

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