Monica Bellucci in "Irreversible"

Irreversible (2003)

Irreversible commences with the closing credits being given backwards before the film sets out with Vincent Cassell as Marcus and Pierre (Albert Dupontel) being pushed out of a homosexual s/m club by the Police, Marcus with a broken arm and Pierre in hand-cuffs. The film continues to disentangle in a series of single-take settings that blossom, with each picture giving more context to what we have seen before...

Each and every scenario depicts actions, dialog, incident, behaviour and context that the lead characters might have willed didn't happen, drifting from uttermost fury through uneasy social states to modest embarrassment. The key character (and possible dreamer of this entire story) comes forth as Alex (Monica Bellucci), who meets the worst fate in a very hard-to-watch rape sequence in an underpass. The scenes all have fire and power as themes, with conversation sequences that intimate life isn't all sexual attacks in the dark, showing equal cinematic imaginativeness with the horrors. This is a film that you won't forget in a hurry.

Irreversible is an Emotionally devastating master class - Bellucci's best performance to date!

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