Monica Bellucci Party

Monica Bellucci was guest of honor alongside Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams at the Italian Embassy in Moscow, Villa Berg, private dinner yesterday.

The dinner party took place in the Garage Centre of Contemporary Art and actress Monica Bellucci was seen talking with Dolce and Gabanna among others.

Dolce and Gabanna are world-beaters at arranging big, cool, sexy parties so it was no doubt a huge night!


Monica Bellucci Rhinos season (update)

Further news on Rhinos season

Beautiful Monica Bellucci will headline in the film Rhinos Season the Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi‘s follow up to the film "No One Knows About Persian Cats".

The Malena star, just affirmed to ‘La Republica’; the Italian newspaper, that she'd entered the casting of the brand-new movie.  Apparently Bellucci is supposed to have rejected plans to have the Turkish actress Tuba Büyüküstün play a earlier version of her character.  The Turkish media are saying that Monica asserted she would act in the role herself.


Monica Bellucci in Rhinos Seasons

Monica Bellucci is reportedly heading off to appear in Bahman Ghobadi’s Gergedanlar Mevsimi which when translated means Rhinos Seasons. Monica bellucci is suppossed to be acting in the role of "wife of Berhouz Vossoughi".

Watch this space for more Monica Bellucci updates as information comes through.

Robert De Niro sees Monica Bellucci in her low black dress

Robert De Niro sees Monica Bellucci in her low black dress

There have been reports that Robert De Niro was admiring Monica Bellucci in her low black dress.  This was at the Sanremo 61st Italian Music Festival last night.  We mentioned this event here "Monica Bellucci at San Remo"
Reports are that Bellucci and De Niro both looked happy at the event and were with their respective partners.  A lot of fuss over nothing really by the sound of it :-) 


Monica Bellucci Sorcerers Apprentice Link

As we reported before in our filmography link Monica Bellucci appeared as Veronica in the Jon Turteltaub film The Sorcerers Apprentice.

Well there is a link to the Disney website here for all Monica Bellucci fans to check out.  Monica Bellucci was excellent in this film.  Enjoy!


Monica Bellucci facts #1

Monica Bellucci facts

Monica Bellucci ranked 2nd in AskMen poll of  ‘10 Hot Italian Women’ last year,

Sofia Loren was the winner of this  Hot Italian  Women poll.

Bellucci beat other hot stars including Anita Pallenberg and Isabella Rossellini.


Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci quotes

In a recent interview in  Italian magazine Sette Robert De Niro had major praise for his current Manuale d’amore 3 co-star Monica Bellucci

“Monica Bellucci is the reason I agreed to make this movie. She has charisma and she's an extraordinary woman: I can not think of another actress I would have shot those scenes with”.

Monica Bellucci returned the compliment to De Niro.

“De Niro is amazing, when you watch him acting you forget about the star and you only see the actor”.